Best Tips For PSSSB Recruitment 2020 Assistant Jail Superintendent (Written Test)

Punjab SSSB Assitant Jail Superintendent will have tough competition. Sincere students can crack this student with hard work. But, you need some tips to understand the requirement of the exam.

You need a plan to crack this exam. In the plan, target important areas of the exam, go for those sections which have more marks, think about target score, & find the examiner’s favorite topics, etc. These tips will help you in all these areas.

Tip # 01 – Set The Target Score

The target is necessary to reach the destination. When we start the journey then we know the starting point & destination.

Same way, here you should know the target score to get the job of PSSSB Recruitment 2020 Assistant Superintendent.

The number of posts is 46 only, therefore, the target should be high. I think that 87+ is the safest target to secure this job for the general category.

Tip # 02 – Make A Plan

When we start our journey then everything is planned. i.e. Food, Accommodation, & Travel Mode (Bus, Train, Or AirBus, etc.). Everything is planned for the journey.

Similarly, in competitive exams, your preparation should be planned. You should have a plan for the study material, what to read or not read, & important topics, etc.

But, I have seen that many students start preparation blindly. Therefore, when they do not have a plan for their destination, then they do not reach anywhere. Before starting preparation, a plan is an important thing.

How to make a plan for PSSSB Recruitment 2020 Assistant Superintendent (Written Test)?

You can make a plan by using the following study tool:

#1 Notification: The notification will help you to find the most important subjects of the exam. The subjects which have more marks are most important. Therefore, the notification will help you to understand the weightage of topics.

Download Notification for PSSSB Recruitment 2020 Assistant Superintendent.

#2 Syllabus: The syllabus helps to understand the exam requirements. It will tell you about the topics which you are going to prepare for the exam.

The syllabus will also help you to understand your weak and strong areas of the exam. Now, you can create a plan according to your strength.

#3 Previous Papers: By analyzing these, you can find the important & non-important topics of the given subjects. It will save you time from studying non-important topics. Therefore, you can give more time to important topics.

Download Punjab Govt. Previous Papers

These tools will help you to make a plan according to your strength, important topics, & requirements of the exam.

Tips # 03 – Prepare Bounded Topics First

Bonded Topics means the topics in which the syllabus has some kind of limit. Their syllabus has some kind of end. These are not limitless.

These Topics are as follows:

  • Reasoning (15 Marks)
  • Math (15 Marks)
  • Punjabi Grammar (10 Marks)
  • Constitution (10 Marks) – This is a scoring topic. You can easily score 08 to10 marks if you prepare well for this topic.
    • Now, the question is how you can prepare well for this topic?
    • You can prepare well for this topic if you know the basics of this topic. To know the basics well for this topic, I will suggest Polity Lecture by Mr.Chetan Sharma ( 24 YouTube Videos.) The level of these videos is PPSC. But, Mr. Chetan Sharma explains all the concepts with simple language. Therefore, you will have no problem understanding the concepts. And, after watching these videos, you can easily crack this section & differentiate yourself from the crowd.
  • Punjab GK (5-6 Marks)
  • Current Affairs (4-6 Marks) – This topic has a limitless syllabus. But, in this exam, it has some kind of limit because of two reasons:
    1. The examiner will ask 4-6 questions from this exam point of view. Therefore, the examiner will give more weightage to important current affairs such as the Nobel Prize, Military Excercise, Indian Ranking, & Sports, etc.
    2. The exam will be conducted in a single shift. Therefore, again, the examiner will prefer important topics rather than the least important topics. While in SSC, the exams are conducted in multiple shifts so the examiner can ask anything from Current Affairs to make questions for every shift.

The bounded topics are of 60 marks. You can easily score 56 to 58 marks from these topics.

Tip # 04 Computer Can Be A Game Changer

This subject has a good score on this exam. It is for 20 marks. It can help you to beat the competition.

How computer subjects can beat the competition in this exam?

The computer is 20 marks. If you score around 17-19 marks then you can easily place yourself on the merit list. In this way, you can beat the competition.

To get these marks, first, you should prepare the MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint, Networking, Browser/Internet, Operating System/ Software, & Hardware/CPU/Memory, etc topics because in previous exams these topics are examiner favorite.

After that, you should prepare the other topics which are given in the syllabus. These topics are never mentioned in other papers of Punjab Govt. Exams. But now, the examiner specially mentioned these topics so he should definitely ask some questions about these topics. The following are the topics:

  • 3G, 4G, & 5G
  • Cyber Laws
  • Mobile Phone & Personal Digital Gadgets
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Wireless Technology
  • Radio Frequencies, Signal Propagation, & Use of Hotspots
  • GPS, Geo-Fencing, Finger Printing, & CDR Analysis
  • Message Tracing, etc.

You should read about these topics on the internet & any book. At least, you should know the fundamental of these topics. Moreover, you should solve some MCQ regarding these topics from the internet. You can easily find the MCQ from the internet regarding these topics.

Furthermore, you should solve the computer questions from previous papers of Punjab Govt. Exams because will help you understand the depth of questions as well as you can read the mind of the examiner.

Learn More: How to prepare Computer GK for Competitive Exams?

Tip # 05: GK & English

These two subject has a vast syllabus but still you can get marks from these subjects. These two subjects are of 20 marks in this subject. According to me, you can easily get 14-16 marks from these subjects.

The rule of thumb for these subjects is that you should prepare important topics for these subjects. You can find important topics of these subjects from previous papers of Punjab Govt. Exams.

Tip # 06: Good Health, Revision & Mocks

Good Health. If your health is good then your mind will work more efficiently. And you can invest more quality time in your study rather than quantity of time. For good health, you should go for a morning walk, light exercise, yoga, or anything you like.

Revision & Mocks: Your all the study is zero if you do not revise & give mocks. The revision will help you to remember all the information which is essential from exam’s point of view.

While mocks make your speed in exams as well as improve your marks in exams. One more thing, when you mocks then your environment should be the same as in exams such as time duration & transferring answer on OMR Sheet.

In conclusion,

This exam can be cracked easily if you follow these tips. Nobody can blindly crack the exam but with planning & preparation, it is a piece of cake.

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6 thoughts on “Best Tips For PSSSB Recruitment 2020 Assistant Jail Superintendent (Written Test)”

  1. Thank you much sir, it is very helpful for creaking exam. But I am doubtful regarding book of GK and Computer where we can read given topics. Please suggest books.

    • For GK- Lucent GK (If you have background information regarding topics then Lucent Book is more fruitful) and for Computer GK use Arihant Book. But in Arihant’s Book, the cyber laws are not given. For Cyber Laws use the book IT and Cyber Law- Bharat publications by Jyoti Rattan and Vijay Rattan. If you have extra time to read the book about cyber laws, then read it and it will consume a lot of time. Or you can read the basics of cyber laws, 3G, 4G, & Bluetooth from the internet. It is possible that the examiner will ask only one question from cyber law but the examiner can ask many questions from the general computer section. So, you should play smartly. If you have more questions, then please comment below.


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