Important 100 Vocabulary Words For Competitive Exams With PDF (Frequently Asked)

The vocab from the previous papers of competitive exams has the high chances to get repeated in upcoming exams. Therefore, students should remember these words on a priority basis. In this article, I also give the source of vocab so that you can understand the importance of those words for the competitive exams.

These Words are commonly used in The Punjab Govt. Exams, SSC, Bank Exams and Other Competitive Exams. These worlds have high chances to get repeated in future upcoming exams.

Note: The PDF of this Vocabulary List available at the bottom of this article.

Vocabulary Asked In Competitive Exam (Updated on 14th March 2020)

VocabularyMeaningSynonyms/ Antonyms      (Option in Paper)Source/Remarks
Advocatea person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.SupportSBI PO 2017
Allurethe quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinatingRepulsiveHaryana High Court 2019
AltruisticUnselfishSelfish (Antonym)Punjab Civil Sectary 2016
AmbiguousNot ClearClearSBI PO 2017
Animositya strong feeling of dislikeHatredSBI PO 2017
BarterExchange of Goods or Services without moneyExchange Punjab PUDA Clerk 2016
Bogeyan evil or mischievous spiritGhostSBI PO 2017
BurlyStrong and Large PunyRBI Assistant 2017
CasuistryThe use of clever by using unsound reasonSophistryPunjab Excise  Inspector  2011
Caveata warning or proviso of specific stipulationsWarningPunjab & Haryana High Court 2017
CertainUnquestionableUnsure (Antonym)Punjab Agro 2017
ChivalrousA person have good behaviorRude (Antonym)Punjab Local Govt. Engineer 2015
ConfiscateTaken or Seized with authorityReturn (Antonym) Punjab Election Kanungo 2018
CongenialAgreeable because suited to one’s taste or inclinationSuitablePunjab Water Resources Management Clerk 2016
ConvivialityFriendlinessUnfriendliness (Antonym)Punjab Local Govt. Fire Officer 2015
CordialWarm & FriendlyFriendlySBI PO 2017
CoyShyness or ModestyShyPunjabElection Kanungo 2018
CravenChicken-HeartedCowardlyPunsup Steno Typist 2011
DampenMaking slightly  wetWetSBI PO 2017
DecryPublicly DenounceCondemnPunjab Excise  Inspector  2011
DeferentialRespectfulObsequiousPunsup Steno Typist 2011
Detest dislike intenselyHate  Punjab BackFinco Clerk 2016
Docile Ready to accept instructionsGentleChandigarh Highcourt 2019
Dolt A stupid personDunceLocal Govt. Senior Assistant 2015
EnormousVery large in sizeTiny (Antonym)Punjab Agro Executive General 2015
Enticeattract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantageTemptHarayana High Court 2019
EpitaphSome written as an inscription on a tombstoneElegySCC 2010 Teir – 2 
EvocativeMemoriesOblivious (Antonym)From Previous Papers
ExodusA mass departure of peopleInflux (Antonym)Punjab Water Department 2016
Exoneratedabsolve from blame for a fault Convicted (Antonym)Punjab Agro Executive Accounts 2015
FeignPretend to be affected by a feeling or injurySimulatePunjab Excise  Inspector  2011
FerrousConsisting of ironHardSBI PO 2017
Ficklechanging frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties or affectionsChangeableChandigarh Highcourt 2019
FlabbergastedSuprise GreatlySurpriseSBI PO 2017
Flexible Bending easily without breakingRigid (Antonym)SSC CGL 3rd March 2020
FretfulDepressedCheerful (Antonym)RBI Assitant 2017
FragileEasily broken or damagedRobust (Antonym)SSC CGL 3rd March 2020
FrigidVery cold in temperatureChillySBI PO 2017
GarrulousExcessively talkativeTalkativeSBI PO 2017, Punjab Civil Sectary 2016 
GelidIcy or Extreme ColdTepid (Antonym)From Previous Papers
GenuineAuthenticActualPunjab Agro 2017
GripeComplain about something in an irritating wayComplainPunsup Steno Typist 2011
Haggle A dispute over the cost of a thing Bargain Punjab PUDA Clerk 2016
HassleIrritating Inconvenience Inconvenience Election Kanungo 2018
HoaryOld and White or grey hair of a personOldPunjab Excise  Inspector  2011
ImminentAbout to happenUpcomingPunjab Civil Sectary 2016
Impingehit or advance over an area belonging to someoneStrikePunjab & Haryana High Court Clerk 2017
ImploreBeg earnestly BeseechSSC CGL 3rd March 2020
ImpunityExemption from punishmentLiability (Antonym)Punjab Local Govt. Fire Officer 2015
InadvertentlyWithout intentionCarelesslySBI PO 2017
DrunkenAbstemious (Antonym)From Previous Papers
InnocuousNot HarmfulHarmlessSBI PO 2017
Instinctivedone without thinking, because of of a natural tendency or abilityInbornSBI PO 2017
InsolentLack of RespectDisrespectfulSBI PO 2017
Jolt Push or ShakeJerkRBI Assistant 2017
KernelThe Central or most important part of somethingEssencePunjab Excise  Inspector  2011
Labyrintha complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s wayMeanderingSBI PO 2017
LibertyThe state of free, or FreedomEmancipateSSC CGL 4th March 2020
Lunacyextreme folly or eccentricityStupiditySBI PO 2017
MelancholiaA feeling of deep sadnessDepressionSBI PO 2017
Nom NomUsed express pleasure of eatingEatingFrom Previous Paper of Govt. Exams
ObligatoryCompulsoryMandatorySSC CGL 3rd March 2020
Obtuseslow to understandDumbSBI PO 2017
OrdealExperience tough situationComfortFrom Previous Papers
Palpitationsa noticeably rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat due to agitation, exertion, or illnessThrobbingSBI PO 2017
PandemoniumWild and noisy disorder or confusionTurmoilSCC 2018 Teir-2 
Parsimonyextreme unwillingness to spend money or use resourceMiserlinessSBI PO 2017
Preamble  An introductionIntroductionSBI PO 2017
PerilouslyIn a way that is full of danger or riskDanger ModeFrom Previ. Paper of Govt. Exams
PrecariousNot Securely held or in PositionSafe (Antonym) Punjab PUDA Clerk 2016, Punjab Civil Sectary 2016
PretentiousOver-claming oneselfHumble (Antonym)Punjab & Haryana High Court Clerk 2017
PrivySharing in the knowledge of something secret SecretHaryana High Court 2019
ProfaneNot respectful of religious practiceSacred (Antonym)Punjab PUDA Clerk 2016
Provocationan action or statement  that is intended to make someone angryPacificationPunjab & Haryana High Court Clerk 2017
Pugnacious Eager or Quick to quarrelBelligerentSBI PO 2017
Queer Strange or OddStrangeRBI Assistant 2017
Quiescent The state of inactivityActive (Antonym)SSC CGL 3rd March 2020
QuintessentialAlmost perfect in quality or classDeficient (Antonym)From Previous Papers
Quixotic Unrealistic & impracticalPractical (Antonym)SSC CGL 3rd March 2020
ReciprocateRespond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one.InterchangeHaryana High Court 2019
RestitutionThe restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper ownerReturnFrom Previ. Paper of Govt. Exams
RevereRespectDisrespect (Antonym)SSC CGL 4th March 2020
SagaciousWiseSmartSBI PO 2017
SanguineOptimistic in a difficult situation HopefulChandigarh Highcourt 2019
ScintillatingShining Brightly Sparkly SSC CGL 3rd March 2020
SlenderThinAttenuatedLocal Govt. Junior Engineer 2015, Punjab Agro Executive General 2015 
ShapelyA woman has an attractive shapeBuxomLocal Govt. Junior Engineer 2015
SpectreA ghostPhantom or Spirit Important For Exams
SpiteA desire to hurt or Annoy someoneMalice Chandigarh Highcourt 2019
Tacit understood or implied without being spokenOral (Antonym)Haryana High Court 2019
The moral uprightnessMorally correct behaviorRectitudeLocal Govt. Electrical Engineer 2015
The use of CircumlocutionThe use of many words where fewer would doPeriphrasisLocal Govt. Electrical Engineer 2015
Tinsellong pieces of thin, shiny material used as decorationDecorationSBI PO 2017
Tribulationa cause of great trouble or sufferingSufferingSBI PO 2017
 Vendetta First-person wants revenge from the second person  Revenge Chandigarh Highcourt 2019
VenialEasily ForgivenPardonableSBI PO 2017
VigilantKeeping careful watch for danger or difficult  Inattentive (Antonym)SSC CGL 3rd March 2020
Vilifyspeak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner.DefameHaryana High Court 2019
WaryWatchfulness especially in detecting and escaping dangerCarefulSBI PO 2017
Woot To express happinessHappinessPrevious Paper of SSC
Wrathextreme angerDelight (Antonym)Haryana High Court 2019

Note: In the following PDF, I include an extra column “Your Own Notes” to make extra notes by you. This column will be helpful if you want to make extra notes about that word. 

Download PDF of Vocabulary For Competitive Exams of 100 Words Part-1


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